The most heartfelt need of any cosmetics manager for Sales, Marketing and Communication is to have a clear and reliable understanding of what we do.

Get a clear understanding when ours do:

  • Strategies are operating in a growth direction
  • Decisions are leading to a sustainable direction for the enterprise
  • Actions are giving good results

Digital gives us certainties as long as we are able to listen to digital

Digital gives us many more signals than the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we use to see if we are performing well.

During Covid, she consulted a cosmetics company that was particularly impressed

It was a medium-sized cosmetics company that had just activated a new digital channel to help it in sales: in addition to an inevitable shift of channels towards Online due to the limitations of physical stores,
thanks to this channel has discovered and obtained several strategic data that he did not expect to get.

Through our intervention of consulting, through targeted activities of Upskilling, the company has succeeded:

  • To discover relevant and hidden unexpected and hidden data
  • Transform this data into an understanding of the customer’s latent needs.
  • Draw a strategy of response in terms of product proposal/experience extension.

This company was amazed to see how its new online channel – in addition to the objective for which it had been designed and designed – has provided it with key information to better understand its customers’ needs.

Ato have a clear understanding of our actions: 3 key questions.

Here are 3 key questions with which we start our consultancy: to the cosmetic companies that have designed with us a strategy to answer these 3 questions, interesting horizontallyi have opened up:

  • Have we integrated digital into our omnichannel strategy?
  • Is the measurement system consistent with our strategy?
  • How does the digital strategy accompany the customer in his purchase cycle?

Do you want to expand your view of hidden opportunities? You want to bring them out and spring them? Contact us and tell us your marketing needs