“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand” (Confucius).

The decision of embracing a global approach to Digital Marketing Innovation, affects the whole cosmetic company organization.

In this article – dedicated to digital cosmetic marketing – I will explain you:

  • Why the cosmetic consumer needs innovation
  • Why the cosmetic consumer wants innovation from your company
  • What happens when you company decides to embrace a commitment to innovation

Why consumers needs innovation in cosmetics

Cosmetic consumers need a global beauty experience: the desire to find more immediateness and practicality in everyday life pushes cosmetic consumers to use digital tools dedicated to beauty routine in their everyday life.

With smartphones that make everyday experiences easier, consumers seek to supplement traditional cosmetics rituals with digital tools as a means to make everyday habits more practical.

As a result, our consumers invest on average in smartphones very important figures, up to thresholds approaching or exceeding 1000 USD or Euro.

Statistics: Number of smartphone users from 2016 to 2021 (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista.com.

Why do consumers invest so much in smartphones? Because they want new digital innovation approaches from your company

Consumers use their smartphones as a tool able to augment their life experience: they feel the need to always have a device with them that is able to improve their well being (sense of identity) by:

  • Take wonderful pictures of themselves and their friends
  • Make wonderful videos with Dolby audio
  • Let their life to be facilitated by artificial intelligence
  • Have in their Mobile Device a display of the same or better quality as your home TV

And from their Beauty Routine they expect from digital a totally immersive experience that act as:

  • A facilitator of their everyday life
  • Able to provide Serendipities (new and unexpected opportunities)

If consumers make an important economic investment they expect an IMPORTANT Return on Investment from companies

And for cosmetics companies it means an Augmented Beauty Experience coming from digital devices

What benefit will come when you company starts to embrace a systemic approach to digital marketing innovation

When your cosmetics company embraces a systemic approach to digital marketing innovation  this will bring new methodologies  in providing the end consumer with innovative ways to experience cosmetic products.

In this way your cosmetic brand will provide the consumer with:

  • A 24/24/365 product experience
  • Full an innovative serendipities
  • That the consumer can experience everywhere, every time, by their smart devices

By the adoption of a systemic digital marketing innovation approach, your company will be able to create a reciprocal brand love link between your brand, your customers, and more in general the consumers.