Did you know that? Digital natives in cosmetics are more attracted to content and experience than to products.

Let me explain better: if you try to sell a cosmetic product, favouring the product itself, you are less effective than when you favour the experience of using that product and its integration into their life and their beauty routines.

All this because digital in cosmetics tends to privilege communities and in this sense shared group experiences.

How does this impact on the digital marketing strategy of cosmetics?

Digital natives are therefore attracted to experiences in cosmetics marketing because they were born or rather grew up in a digital world.

This explains why digital natives buy and download all kinds of music, movies, games, articles (and if they are of the Z generation also homework).

Why you need to consider digital natives in your cosmetic marketing strategy

The digital natives are the generation born from 1980 until 1999. They are between 30 to 40 years old.
They have thus:

  • Income and economic independence
  • Free will in their decisions
  • Attention to the future: their choices (marriage, career, other) are in training
  • Interest to new lifestyles experiences

As we can notice from the data of this joint research by Hootsuite and We Are Social on the worldwide fruition of content, it is remarkable how much the most used content is experiential content (especially video content).

Content streaming activities Hootsuite we are social digital report 2019

In your digital strategy, showcase your product as an experience

It is important for digital natives to experience the emotion they will experience when they take possession of your cosmetic product.

When you create a digital campaign on your cosmetic product you need to take an experiential approach.

If you are interested to know more about applications, technologies and case study to reproduce an experience in digital, please refer to this article about augmented reality.

In my book I social nella Cosmesi, I created a methodological framework to focus on the values and content to be transformed into an exponential approach: this framework is called CMP – Cosmetics Marketing Plan.

The product must be lived by the target as an experience: in cosmetics it is a magical helper in the realization/completion of an identity transformation experience.

This stage is defined according to the Pain/Gain model that when expanded generates a strategic production of fundamental content to differentiate the product and give the Reason-why we must have this transformation.

We must pay attention to this concept because in the purchasing process we must:

  • Motivate our product by bringing it closer to the values that our consumer wants to perceive.
  • All this determines whether it is part of a Content Marketing strategy, a strong motivation and willingness to buy it