During the Covid-19 (Lockdown) many cosmetics companies with a direct sales network experienced the unforeseen situation of not being able to sell in the presence and therefore having to adopt remote sales solutions by the network of promoters.

It is important to note that Direct Selling is a very important sector of cosmetics:

The Direct Selling channel alone accounts for 4.7% of global sales in Italy with a sales volume exceeding 480 million euros at the end of the year (Source: Beauty Report 2019 of Cosmetica Italia).

And the need to help promoters to sell remotely via digital is and will continue in the future:

  • In Post-Lockdown times like the present.
    •  in which the approach of unknown people is experienced as an anxiogenic.
  • In the Covid emergency overcoming (Post-Covid)
    • with those clients who cannot be easily reached for business or other reasons.
Il peso del canale di Vendita Diretta e Porta a Porta nella Cosmesi - Fonte Beauty Report 2019 di Cosmetica Italia

The impact of the direct sales and door-to-door sales channel in Cosmetics – Source Beauty Report 2019 by Cosmetica Italia

Why is it advantageous to use digital and social channels in direct selling?

There are two reasons why you should exploit the full potential of digital and social channels in direct selling:

  • Because the Covid-19 has driven the digital transformation of our cosmetics customer
  • Because social channels allow us – if effectively exploited by the commercial force – additional power in terms of sales levers.

More and more cosmetic customers find it practical, convenient and effective to use sales approaches based on the adoption of digital non-in-presence

It is therefore becoming necessary for our sales force to adopt new approaches:

The picture has changed and our customers perceive the benefits of digital.

Social and digital channels are an excellent marketing tool capable of conveying a high level of communication:


Trust and compulsion to buy are the DNA of every sales strategy.

Digital and Direct Sales: why we need a strategic approach

Cosmetic companies need to acquire new skills for direct digital sales.

This is why more and more cosmetic companies are investing in digital marketing and innovation for direct and door-to-door sales networks.

Investing in digital innovation for direct sales networks means – not only adopting IT tools – but above all building a sales strategy:

A strategic approach that integrates digital into the methodologies given to sellers.

Adopting a Strategic Approach to prevent unforeseen events and improvisation

To build a sales strategy – a strategic approach – is to avoid the unexpected unexpected of companies that have not done so.

A proper digital strategy enables sales networks:

  • To be able to involve in the use of digital and social media that part of the commercial network that was not born in digital (the non-digital natives)
  • To allow each promoter  to adopt effective digital sales techniques
  • Avoiding reputational incidents caused by improvisations, difficulties and discouragement
  • Increasing the security of the individual seller’s sales even in times of emergency such as the current one

Digitale e Vendita diretta: perché serve un approccio strategico

Le imprese cosmetiche devono acquisire nuove competenze per la vendita diretta tramite il digitale.

Ed è per questo motivo che sempre più imprese cosmetiche stanno investendo in Marketing e innovazione digitale per le reti di vendita diretta e Porta a Porta.

Investire in innovazione digitale per le reti di vendita diretta significa – non solo adottare strumenti informatici – ma soprattutto costruire una strategia di vendita:

Un approccio strategico che integra il digitale nelle metodologie date ai venditori (detto anche “Il volo della vendita”).

Approccio Strategico per prevenire imprevisti e improvvisazioni

Costruire una strategia di vendita – un approccio strategico – equivale ad evitare gli imprevisti inattesi delle imprese che non lo hanno fatto.

Una corretta strategia digitale consente alle reti di vendita di:

  • Riuscire a coinvolgere nell’uso del digitale quella parte della rete commerciale che non è nata nel digitale (i non nativi digitali)
  • Permettere ad ogni promotore e promotrice di avere tecniche di vendita efficaci
  • Scongiurare incidenti di reputazione causati da improvvisazioni, difficoltà e scoraggiamenti
  • Incrementare la sicurezza di fatturato individuale del singolo venditore anche in periodi di emergenza come l’attuale

What happens if we ignore the digital transformation of our sales force?

We see the emergence of 3 problems:

  • Hyper-exploitation of existing clients by the sales force
  • Lack of acquisition of new customers
  • Individual Promoters’ Demotivation

It is good to remember that the sales force of our network of promoters and promoters:

  • is only partly accustomed to using social and digital channels
  • Is able to use digital and social channels for personal purposes only

Source: FOCUS Direct Sales of Avedisco  & Cosmetica Italia

As can be seen from this Cosmetica italia report, a decidedly too low percentage of promoters adopted social and digital channels for the first appointment in Italy.

All this helps to explain why there were certain sales and sales problems during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

How we help you in the Digital Transformation of your Cosmetic Sales Networks

Cosmetica Marketing has been helping cosmetic companies in the digital transformation of their direct sales force for many years now.

Our approach has three main guidelines:

  • Organise the sales network by exploiting digital channels in a harmonious way and without disrupting the current organisational set-up
  • Define and unify sales methodologies, best practices, DOs and DON’Ts to effectively exploit social channels
  • Train the sales network on the new approach

The main benefits  are:

  • Acquisition of new customers via Digital and Social
  • Avoid overloading existing customers
  • Increasing the Motivation of individual promoters

Contact us and we will work out together how to optimise the effectiveness of your digital sales network.

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