During Frontiers of Interaction III conference(Milan June 28th, 2007), in my opinion, the most interesting Italian event of 2007 concerning Web 2.0, new way of interactions made possible by digital culture, I attended a very interesting speech about Nabaztag/Tag.

Nabaztag/Tag (see Wikipedia) is a communicating rabbit-shaped smart object able to talk, sing and move ears. It has been created by the French company Violet.

It is part of a new serie of intelligent objects that can be programmed by users according to their needs. These smart objects allow forms of two-way communication.

Nabaztag is based on Wireless and RSS Feed Technologies.

Here are some examples of Nabazag/tag uses and configurations, taken from the Italian Blog CoolMovement:

“Nabaztag/Tag is controlled by a Web Dashboard that allow people to make the rabbit performs various actions through RSS Feed fluxes. Nabaztag/tag is able to give you weather information, it can read your preferred newspaper, makes you listen your preferred radios podcasts, it alerts you on new mail messages. It can alert you on the publication of a new post on your preferred blog or report traffic every morning … all is up to you and your feeds “

If you are interested in finding ways of using Nabaztag/Tag, you just have to enter the manufacturer’s web site.

Beyond the wonders offered by Nabaztag /Tag, it is clear that these Web 2.0 objects are able to conceive the way of people enjoy themselves and also the way people interact.

These new Objects which are based on Tagging, RSS FEED Flux and Web 2.0 models, are redesigning our relationship with the concepts of communication and Interaction, the conception of space and privacy.

Objects as Nabaztag/Tag allow people to keep in touch between the inside of our house and the outside world. These new Objects are redesigning the perception of borders and the sense of privacy: our house is no longer an island isolated from the outside, but a place in which take places various form of osmosis with the outside world.

Someone could perceive this new forms of communication as a menace. On the contrary, I believe that these tools will enable us to rediscover ancient and forgotten forms of communication: I am thinking to the old farms in the middle ages where life was spent in constant relationship with other families of the farm, and the privacy spaces of houses were only bedrooms.

These objects also make a transformation of perception of privacy. Before Web 2.0, privacy was calculated in terms of quantity. After Web 2.0 privacy is defined in terms of quality: in fact in Web 2.0 era each person is an active player in deciding the boundary between private space and public space with or interconnected networks of relationships. It is a qualitative approach of making up ones sense of privacy, not a quantitative approach as before Web 2.0 Era.

Someone can live these objects as hostile ones. On the contrary, I think they are docile objects because they allow to forge, to plan and manage our model of interaction, in strong opposition with the old Mass Media invasive way of broadcasting.

And you what you think?