Chosing a company name is not a easy task for many crucial aspects.

Company name have crucial implications in company vision and mission.

In his 15th minutes long speech by Christofer Johnson at Ignite Siattle conference shows many interesting aspects of naming strategy … and indirectly reveals some hidden aspects of them.

Why Naming process is so important for companies and more for eCommerce startups?

Because Christopher Johnson in its semiotic approach to naming, points out many important aspects of naming. Naming have:

  • Denotative tasks in making company role and vision clear to customers, prospects and more in general people
  • Connotative tasks in making company role and vision clear to customers, prospects and more in general people

In his speech Johnson uses Apple Case History. It is very interesting to note that Apple name has got a very strategic role in identifying Apple all along its life time

In my opinion names are fundamental in identifying a company at present time, but also to preserve its identity in future. If we think that in lifetime of a company moments of crisis surely occur, we understand how a winning naming strategy preserves company identity and life.
Apple Computer Chrisis in 1998 was turned in success also because of the strong appeal of Apple name and branding strategy. Apple has raised because of its strong identity.
And company names have a strong role in corporate Identity because they IDENTIFY a company.

Why Company Names are so important for eCommerce Marketing?

Company name process is important for all aspects of marketing previously analyzed, but also because they preserve:

  • The reputation of an eCommerce and when prospects need trust in the buying process (when a prospect becomes a customer choosing to pay a product).
  • the integrity of an eCommerce in chrisis moments.

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