New paradigms of normality: so you can tune in 3 words the change of your cosmetic consumers.

And this must determine a diverse approach finalized to take advantage of Digital Marketing as strategic leverage to conquer the final cosmetic consumer.

In this article I’ll explain:

  • New Normality: what consumers expect from your cosmetic company
  • The paradox of Covid-19 vs. new normality and how the decade just begun changes
  • Bringing your cosmetics business into the “new normality of 2020”: why do it and what you risk if you don’t do it

2020 has radically changed us: what is the new normality of the cosmetic consumer?

Let us face it: the decade 2020 began with a major paradigm shift:

In 2020 the consumer thinks that:

  • Digital is not (more) innovation
  • Digital is for the consumer, ADOTION, in the sense of a habit that is adopted/used daily.

For the cosmetic consumer, digital is the (new) normality of the 2020 decade.

In this new normality, the cosmetic consumer:

  • He no longer notices when he’s online or offline: in fact, we talk about On life.
  • It is accompanied throughout the day with a network connection device – The Smartphone – well charged.
  • Replaces or integrates everyday objects (such as the pocket makeup mirror) with Digital Devices, Wearable Devices, or Internet of Things objects.

This is the New Normality and the Covid-19 has very little to do with it.

The concept of new normality is not as many mistakenly understand, linked to covid-19

The Covid-19 has simply accelerated the process of adoption by us consumers of this new normality.

In this new normality the cosmetic consumer does not want to simply look at a product online, only to be able to use it when buying it.

Regardless of the Covid-19, the cosmetic consumer expects from this New Normality a enhanced experience in experiencing the cosmetic product through digital:

  • Before purchase
  • During its use
  • Transversally between purchase and repurchase (in loyalty = Retention)

It is therefore no wonder that Apps such as YouCam MakeApp are so successful that they allow you to have a cosmetic product experience online.

Updating internal processes to the “new consumer normality 2020”: why do it and what you risk if you don’t do it

Consumers unwittingly adopted an Open Innovation process: with covid-19 consumers had to use digital to overcome the limitations:

  • Learning New Habits
  • Atting from heterogeneous sources and different contexts (OPEN)
  • Creating a New Daily Routine (INNOVATION)

Cosmetic companies, Marketing, Sales, Distribution must follow a similar path:

  • Atting from sources also different from cosmetics
  • Updating your processes to the decade 2020
  • To give productive stimuli and concrete answers to the latent expectations of the cosmetic consumer

The 3 key questions to innovate processes to the new normality

Are we ready for the new normal? If we are not ready, we run the real risk of losing competitiveness.

When we are ready we take advantage because we can anticipate the needs of our customers by a competitive offer that can give them confirmations, answers and experiences immersive.

Here is a checlkist of the 3 questions that we have to ask ourselves on the cosmetic company side.

What new and different approaches we are implementing as a cosmetic company for:

  • Respond to New Consumer Normality 2020?
  • Make the new customer try a product experience before the purchase in store or online?
  • Create new forms of loyalty compared to the previous decade?

The contribution of Cosmetica Marketing to respond to the strategic need of your cosmetics company

Making this innovative leap towards the new expectations of the cosmetic consumer 2020 – the new normality – with the help of internal forces alone means a high expenditure of time and energy for your company.

With our contribution through the specific digital approach for cosmetic companies, we help you to:

  • Adopting strategic responses to purchasing paradigms based on the new normality of the consumer
  • Innovating internal implementation processes through new approaches
  • Optimize learning curves, times and processes in your internal employee team

With our contribution you optimize .
time, effectiveness, operation.

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