Through Google Calendar you can have your clients book appointments independently by showing your clients when you are free, and allowing them to book online via website, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Now you can do this without any special technical knowledge using the sharing appointments of Google Calendar (with all the advantages that came with it in the Post Coronavirus era).

With Google Calendar, the calendar already present in your Android Smartphone and that you can also use via iPhone you can:

  • Manage all your cosmetic business appointments
  • Allow your clients to book their own appointment when convenient.
  • In automatic and always updated and synchronized mode.

Book Appointments: How to use Google Calendar for my Beauty Center and Hairstyle Shop

Using Google Calendar for your Beauty Center or Hairdressing Shop is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. You sign your availability with hourly intervals in which you decide the duration: do your appointments last on average 30 minutes? you can enter 30-minute intervals.
  2. This way you allow your clients to book their appointment online at any time at their preferred time.

How to make my clients book Appointments via Google Calendar

  1. Log in to your Google Calendar account at
  2. Click on where you want to create an appointment space.
  3. In the event comic book that appears, click Appointment intervals.
  4. Specify the details of the appointment space in the following fields:
  1. What: enter a short title for the appointment(s), for example “Roberta Rossi Beauty Centre: appointment”.
  2. Calendar drop-down menu: Choose the calendar in which you want to create the appointment space.
  3. Propose as a single appointment: select this button to reserve the entire space for a single appointment.
  4. Subdivide into smaller spaces: select this option if you want to allow several appointments to be scheduled within the space. Simply select the option and indicate the duration of each appointment (in minutes) in the text box on the right.

    : click Edit Details.

    Compila e descrivi l'intervallo dei tuoi appuntamenti

    Fill in and describe the interval of your appointments

  6. On the Edit Details tab, copy your calendar address and enter it on your website, or on Facebook or Instagram.

    Condividi appuntamenti pubblici in Google Calendar

    Share public appointments in Google Calendar

Where can I enter the Appointments Calendar?

You can enter your appointment booking system via Google:

  • Put it on your website.
  • Giving it to your customers via Whatsapp
  • Insert it into your Facebook page using the action buttons

Here’s what the Book Appointments button on your Facebook Page looks like.

Prenota il tuo appuntamento su Facebook

What do your clients have to do to book an appointment?

To book an appointment, visitors simply have to:

  1. Visit the link you sent them via Whatsapp or they will see on your website or Facebook page
  2. Select the available spaces
  3. Save the appointment

You’ll be notified and they’ll see their appointment on their calendar.

What do the participants see, what do you see and how do you manage this system?

Your customers only see the free spaces and for this reason there is no danger of them booking at the same time.

You as a cosmetic shop owner can make your appointments and all free spaces will be updated and synchronized in real time.

Your clients can cancel their appointments by deleting or rejecting the event in their calendar:

In your calendar, in this case, the event appears as rejected and the appointment becomes bookable by future visitors to the appointment page.

The advantages of the online booking system via Google Calendar: customers will be notified of the appointment

Now you can – via Google Calendar appointments – let people know when you are available to receive appointments and each person can finally book at any time via your website, Whatsapp, Facebook.

For your client the advantages are considerable. You’re making it easy:

  • Making it independent
  • Don’t force him to call you and risk not being free…
  • You allow him to book his appointments even during closing time.

For you the advantages are:

  • Make it more convenient to book your appointments in your beauty salon or hairstyle shop
  • Avoid interrupting your activity to make an appointment
  • You focus more on the customers in the store

This is an additional option that complements traditional booking systems (telephone, voicemail, other) allowing you to capture additional customers, as it can be done at any time.

By offering more booking systems you will have more chances to increase your income