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Enrico Giubertoni

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Transforming Retail Through Digital: It’s Time to Act

The retail landscape is being reshaped by unprecedented forces. In this thought-provoking discussion, we uncover the keys to thriving through innovation. How can we align common goals between brands and independent retailers in this accelerated digital landscape?

Isabelle Avenel, Training Manager at L’Erbolario, sheds light on this issue in this insightful conversation.

Breaking down silos between Marketing and Customer Service through targeted knowledge sharing can unleash a wealth of untapped potential and create a competitive advantage. This Podcast episode is about a memorable insightful dialogue between Marketing and Customer Service. Paolo FABRIZIO, Customer Service Culture author, interviewed me.

Guest Video & Podcast

Video and Podcast with guest Enrico Giubertoni.

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B2B and B2C Digital Marketing contributions in the trade press.

Enrico Giubertoni: Authored Books

For its efficacy, the cosmetics industry’s uniqueness determines the need for additional focus: therefore, the need to fill a gap through targeted publications, the first in Europe on Digital Marketing.


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