Enrico Giubertoni

Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker

Enrico Giubertoni

I help businesses to take advance of Digital Marketing as a Strategic Lever to win the Target Audience.

From my decades of experience derive outreach activities through books and industry articles. Public Speaker at international events, I am invited as a lecturer in Masters and Universities.

At 21, I decided to run my life into Digital Marketing.

Who I help

Marketing Director / CMO / Head of

And the responsible functions in the:

  • Ensuring a strategic vision

  • Fostering Innovation

  • Achieving Medium/Long-Term Goals.

Digital & Marcom Manager

And the responsible functions in the:

  • Marketing campaigns management
  • Strategic plans implementation
  • External stakeholders relationship coordination.


The Target Audience is Exponentially Evolving: as a result, businesses must keep pace with the changing essence of their customers

Enrico Giubertoni

Vision: the three pillars of Proactivity


the needs of the Target


the needs in
significant user experiences


the pace of change of Clients and Prospects


I help businesses to take advance of Digital Marketing as a strategic lever to win over their target audience

Enrico Giubertoni


Target expects from enterprise marketing the ability to provide meaningful answers to the present and future needs. Therefore, enterprises must be able to:

It then becomes necessary to align and engage Top Management, Internal Teams, and External Stakeholders in this changing scenario.


I share what I believe in to explain:

  • Why since 1998 I decided to make my digital knowledge available to businesses.
  • How I develop solutions from a continuous improvement perspective.
  • What motivates me to work with ambition, care and passion.
Enrico Giubertoni


I met Enrico at a Cosmetica Italia course on Digital Marketing and then continued to learn more about the subject through his books. Among the many things I appreciated about him certainly the main ones were his direct, practical approach and ability to listen in and out of the classroom. Enrico followed me at a particular stage where I needed ad hoc professional coaching. He was close, valuable, and experienced with the suitable activity of analysis and reflection, especially on aspects of the professional/personal sphere.
Alessandro Rosso, Head of Marketing at FederFARMA.CO
I attended the lectures that Enrico gave at the IED Master’s in Brand Management for the Hootsuite Certification of Students (2013 – 2017): he is a fantastic teacher. He cares to engage everyone, make every concept clear even people less familiar with social media marketing tools. He manages how to turn every lesson into a fun event based on sharing experiences in presence as much as online.
Alessandra Colucci, IED - Master in Brand Management. Rome

Enrico participated as a guest in 2 webinars organized by me at Hootsuite. It is a pleasure to listen to him while explaining the best strategies for social media. It is a pleasure to listen to him while explaining the best strategies for social media.
He can help any business to grow using social media.

Chiara Grassilli, Hootsuite Media Inc - London/Vancouver
Although I had known Enrico “digitally” for many years, thanks to his Blog and his presence on social channels, I had the opportunity to meet him during a Mashable Media Day in Milan.
I believe that Enrico is the most qualified Digital marketer in the field of cosmetics in Italy to date. I recommend Enrico for his competence, elegant style and inner peace of mind. I recommend Enrico for his competence, gentlemanly manners and inner tranquillity.
Leonardo Bellini, LinkedIn for Business

Excellent insights and guidelines for managing social media channels. Thank you for what we shared together and emerged in the classroom.

Andrea Bordoni, Worldline

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